Subject: Testimonial for Homer Randle III

For several years Homer Randle and I have shared a common vision: help young people in the minority communities to learn the joys of aviation and the wonderful career opportunities that are available to them in that field for the next 10-15 years.  Young black males in particular are underrepresented (proportionally) in aviation-related occupations which is due most likely to the scarcity of aviation-employed black parents  from the preceding generation; a generation in which most could not introduce their children to the unique comradery that moving airplanes around the skies permits. It is a well paid field that draws people together across racial and economic lines in a way that few professions can. I am Caucasian. Homer is African-American. Our committed association with each other is rooted in the reality that we are privileged to be aviators; to do what many others can only dream of doing. That fact greatly overshadows our respective ethnicities and lets us focus - together - on drawing others into the joys of our world.

As the founder of CrossOverJacksonville (see crossoverjacksonville.org) - a small business with a number of aviation-related goals - I've had Mr. Randle assist me in a number of special events at Craig Airport that gave minority students (often) their first peek at airplanes and jobs associated with them. I chose Homer, specifically, to speak to them because of his broad expertise, professional bearing and self-evident enthusiasm for the career field. Beyond that, however, I selected him because he is the consummate role model for those young folks I'm trying hard to reach and he speaks with an endearing, affable manner that readily draws the young audience into his world. He can speak to a number of issues that offer promise to any young person interested in aviation willing to listen:  Marine and Air Force paths to the cockpit, university and college highways to the sky, professional organizations that can give a boost up the ladder, as well as his experience at the high school level with an innovative, national paradigm-capable program that was second to none in the world of public secondary schools. It doesn't hurt that he has a rich supply of talented aviation professionals from the minority community to call in to broaden the impact and realities of moving airplanes around the world. I am grateful that Homer is my professional peer....and my good friend.

I am pleased to recommend Homer Randle III as a motivational speaker with an experiential and academic background that makes him the logical first choice when effective communication and positive outcomes are your goal.

Founder, CrossOverJacksonville


SAFEE Flight Testimonial - Homer Randle III

Mr. Homer Randle III worked diligently with the SAFEE Flight organization since it was launched in 2012. He has always presented himself in very professional manner and has worked closely with the SAFEE Flight Director in promoting the programs.   Homer has actively worked and partnered with Florida Memorial University Aviation Director, Captain Arnold Tolbert, and the SAFEE Initiatives, namely the Summer Aviation Camps and Academies.

Mr. Randle was instrumental in the development of the OBAP South Florida Golf tournament that partnered with Operation SAFEE Fight to raise funds for scholarships for youth focusing on in aviation and STEM related careers.

Homer was the initial lead in 2014 when Operation SAFEE Flight launched new flying competition called “Touch and Go” (TAG).  Homer championed the process in coordinating with local area Flight schools, local colleges and universities with pilot programs, the Opa-Locka Air Traffic manager and the Airport Authorities to conduct the competition in a safe and expeditious and in accordance with FAA regulations. 

Homer lead the process in establishing the ground rules to fairly judge the competition and ensured that all the Pilots had a good understanding of what were the competition requirements.  Because of the foundational processes used and the professional manner Homer initiated when establishing the TAG competition the event continues each year and is one of the cornerstone events at each SAFEE Flight Expo. 


Darrell Roberts, Director
Operation SAFEE Flight  


Testimonial- Homer Randle III

Mr. Randle is solid professional that has countless years of experience both in aviation and management. He is also a professional and a friend that I can count on advice or mentorship. He has worked closely with various groups and organizations from around the country to help them succeed. He also has volunteered at OBAP ACE Camps for the youth in the summer in Philadelphia and in South Florida. He also is well-rounded aviator who flies corporate jets and teaches fellow young aviators on a regular basis. Homer and I have known each other for almost ten years and he has been a good mentor, student, and friend. I have seen Homer develop from a Private pilot to a Commercial Pilot during these years and his skills. In addition to being an excellent aviator, Homer is also a gifted speaker and instructor. He is very relatable, charismatic, and engaging with his audience’s. Homer is always ready and prepared for any task or assignment thrown his way and always exceeds beyond expectations. 

Homer Randle III is a powerful motivational speaker. His expertise and background make him a must when it comes to effective communication, leaning and a positive outcome. Homer truly is one of a kind in what he teaches and speaks about and probably one of the best motivational speakers out there that has that keen ability and gift of reaching his audiences and leaving them wanting more.

Jean Michael Esteves

E-190 First Officer

JetBlue Airways 

Testimonial- Homer Randle III 

I have worked closely with Mr. Homer Randle III in a variety of aspects in and around South Florida.

As the President of the South Florida Chapter of OBAP, Homer was instrumental in developing programs and events that provided financial assistance to students pursuing opportunities in aviation.  I had the benefit of chairing the 1st scholarship drive for qualified candidates in the South Florida chapter alongside Homer and other members of OBAP.  I witnessed firsthand how passionate Homer is in working to expose opportunities to those who would otherwise not be able to experience the joys of aviation. His commitment and passion were unmatched as well as his focus on providing a quality event.  He was instrumental in all aspects from planning, through evaluating prospects, to choosing the best location for the awards ceremony.  His leadership culminated in a successful event that provided scholarships to multiple worthy recipients.

Homer is always more than generous with his time and is a reliable and focused teammate.  He is tireless in his efforts and is a positive and impactful speaker and motivator who seems to always find ways to achieve desired results. 

I would strongly recommend choosing Homer as a partner for your business ventures.  He has the unique ability to move seamlessly from classrooms full of children, to boardrooms filled with executives.  His message is always clear, effective and perfectly tailored for his audience.  His unmatched professionalism and experience make him the first choice for achieving your organization's desired results. 

Chris Mullins

CRJ Captain

SkyWest Airlines

Testimonial- Homer Randle 

I meet Homer Randle two years ago at Cheyney University during his annual Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) presentation for young high school scholars. It was during this time that I worked closely with Homer and experienced the hard working man that he is. 

During the OBAP program, Homer worked with a group of high school students from around the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. These high school students were often challenging and needed a lot of redirection. However, Homer was able to relate to the students and redirected the students in such a way that other staff could not. He took on the challenges that came with dealing with high school students such as disrespect, and lack of focus with ease and grace.

Homer had a great influence over the students. Not many of them considered 

aerospace as a career option at the beginning of the program. However, after spending a week with Homer many of the students became excited and had the desire to become a part of the aerospace industry. I also was heavily influenced by Homer and became a flight attendant for Spirit airlines in March 2018. 

During the tedious process of becoming a flight attendant, It was Homer's calm demeanor that helped me get through a rigorous 4 week training. He was very encouraging and provided a wealth of knowledge for all of my questions about the aerospace career in which I was pursuing. 

Homer is a very honest, driven, caring and admirable man. He was appointed National Chairman for Youth Pilot Retention for Black Pilots of America in 2008 and was awarded a Profile of Prominence Award by the National Organization of Women of Achievement. He has contributed to his community as well as the aviation industry in so many ways. 

Homer is a very poised public speaker that is sure to keep your attention and is a wise business man. I highly recommend him for your next services whether it is aviation training, public speaking, or leadership workshops. His immense accomplishments and leadership experience makes him the ideal candidate.

Harmony Billie

Flight Attendant, Spirit Airlines